Quick  Performance Cycles can optimize the fuel and ignition mapping for your motorcycle with its new DynoJet 250i. DynoJet Dynamometers are a performance diagnostic tool used to accurately and simultaneously measure the rear wheel horsepower, torque, speed, RPM and air/fuel. Also, it is the only tool that can accurately calibrate fuel and ignition maps or diagnose run/drivability issues in a controlled environment.

Let our certified, trained technicians use the latest software and equipment for everything from basic power and diagnostics to full custom mapping.

For fuel injected bikes or bikes with modifications we offer Power Commander ®. The Power Commanders modifies injector pulse width, ignition timing, cylinder fuel percent and acceleration fuel enrichment. The device is a piggy backed system that plugs into the factory ECU harness. No splicing is required, it does not make permanent changes to the ECU and removal returns the bike to its previous configuration. Power Commanders are available for most fuel injected bikes including Harley-Davidson.

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